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Family Law

What collection of people, joined through what sorts of relationships constitutes a family? How do we as a society define families? Should the concept of family be defined by religious beliefs, social norms, science, law, or a combination of all of these? These questions and the concept of family have seen great changes and debate in recent years, especially in California.

Whether they are our birth or chosen family members, our lives are built upon the foundation of relationships. Family law is the primary area of the law that addresses the multitude of issues that arise among family members. Despite differing definitions, the law allows us to create, modify, and define our relationships. With some limitations, we may create the rules by which we love, live, marry, have children, and divorce. The legal process for doing so is extremely complex and emotionally charged. The process is more about the decisions that you and your partner come to, than about what others think is right or wrong. How you arrive at these decisions will be greatly influenced by the attorney you choose to represent you, his or her philosophy, methods, and demeanor.

My job is to be your advocate and advise you of the law. Similar to a physician's oath, I believe that all family law matters should be handled with respect and with the underlying goal of causing no additional harm. We implement these philosophies as the cornerstone of my practice.

I specialize in many aspects of child and family law including:

Divorce (Dissolution), Annulment, and Legal Separation

Domestic Violence Protective Orders

Child Custody and Visitation

Child and Spousal Support

Community Property Division

Marital and Domestic Partner Agreements

Premarital Agreements


Same Sex Family Law Issues

Law & Mediation Office of Jessica Watson
Attorney at Law
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